The Power To Please

In any decent House, the girl is in charge of the transaction, like any other professional. She will tell the customer the rules, either in terms of what she will do for him or in terms of what she won’t do for him. Just like a hairdresser, she will listen to the customer describing what he wants, and, again just like a hairdresser, will either do it, or else follow her standard repertoire regardless. If he doesn’t like that standard repertoire, his only remedy is to take his custom elsewhere.

As for bondage and sadism, almost always it is the men who want to be tied up, beaten and humiliated – badly enough to be paying for it. Customers for bondage and discipline tend to be powerful men, especially judges, who seem to require some kind of Jungian spiritual balance, and I have heard it said that the same is true for powerful women. (I myself am not in the least powerful, and being abused and humiliated is the last thing I want, so I know this scene only second-hand.) Advertisements from female Submissives are extremely rare. It is possible that the tastes of male sadists are catered to further underground, for example with non-consenting slaves; I would be inclined, however, to think that most men who go to brothels would, if they came across such a scene, inform the police.

The power that a great many customers actually do seek is the power to please. At any rate, as soon as you reach the middle band of the market, the legal brothels and the apartment women and call-girls and so forth, then a fair proportion of the clientele seek a mutually pleasurable experience. This can be known among other thing from the new breed of “review” sites, on which punters recommend and trash particular women, in terms varying from the sub-literate to soaring erotic prose. The holy grail here is the GFE, the “Girl-Friend Experience”, which means that you are made to feel that you are making affectionate love rather than screwing an indifferent body. That so many prostitutes advertise, offer and actually provide the GFE is therefore not surprising; what is more remarkable is how many do not even attempt to sell to this market. This may be because they are lazy, or stupid, or cannot act sufficiently well, or cannot take pleasure in their work, ever. Which implies that the women who successfully offer the GFE are either superlative actresses, or are capable of taking such pleasure – at least some of the time – or perhaps both at once.

The ideologues imagine that they “know” that no professional can ever enjoy sex with a customer, and testimony from customers who have shared that pleasure is never listened to. Great play is here made with fake orgasms, for the dogmatists are unaware that most professionals do not in fact make any pretence of coming during intercourse, and the few who fake this do it badly; but many girls do in fact come when eaten out. Probably the dogmatists have no idea that prostitutes allow, encourage, request or even demand cunnilingus – and indeed, in the very countries where the ideologies have the most power, it is forbidden.

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