Strutting Their Stuff

Most cities of the world put on great processions for high days and holidays, often organised by guild and trade. In ancient Rome the prostitutes also marched, proud in their flame-coloured robes (whence the Italian bonaroba), a part of society like any other. That is what a parade is for, a community showing itself to itself. No doubt prostitutes walk in parades today, it would not surprise me to see them in Rio and Berlin, but alas, I do not think that they march under their own separate banners.

Borat’s sister had the trophy for the country’s “fourth best prostitute”. Insofar as that is funny at all, and neither the Kazakhstanis nor the Romanian extras thought it was, the joke relies on the disjunction between the high status of national trophies and the low status of prostitutes. But in an age when subliterate trash earns millions and immense fame from viciousness and self-destruction in sealed environments, a trophy for the courtesan with the best erotic skills and professional dedication would mark an immense improvement in cultural and moral tone.

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