The Real Reason

The main reason why a majority of women in our society have seized on commercial sex as almost the sole remaining sexual sin is that it allows them a full and rich outlet for that favourite human hobby, indignation at the sexual behaviour of others, without any danger that it will rebound on themselves. For women do not buy sex, or if they do, the transaction is rarely called by its right name. Young men used to service rich women under the name of dancing-partners, now they are called toyboys, figures of only mild contempt rather than moralistic outrage. Couples who are into threesomes can get a man at any swinger’s club; for a girl they may visit a brothel or order a take-out just like any other punters. If they are seen in the red-light district they are taken for rubberneckers, since the default assumption is that buying sex is such a bad thing that only men do it.

Female purchase of sexual services can easily be reinterpreted as yet another expression of women’s intrinsic victimhood. The Shirley Valentine type says that it is all right for her to be a sex tourist, because she is in search of “love” or “romance”. The latter term means, of course, “more attention than she deserves” and is precisely what men are seeking in Bangkok. It is also advisable that we not hold our breath while waiting for the prosecution of the middle-aged women who take their holidays in the Gambia, form attachments to young boys and make generous gifts to their partners’ impoverished families, just as the better class of male sex tourists in the Orient do.

Were a woman to call for the criminalisation of poor sexual manners, insincerity in love, or marital infidelity, then she might easily find herself and her own girlfriends in the dock. Making paid sex the Third Ultimate Sexcrime, after rape and child abuse, means both that a larger number of men can be criminalised, with no concomitant drawbacks for the women – in that everything they want to do under the above three rubrics will still be legal.

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