The Gambia Wants Only Female Sex Tourists

I once browsed a travel guide to the Gambia, which is the world’s number-one destination for female sex tourists. That is, lonely middle-aged white women who pay the local “bumsters” (what the Cubans call jitneros) for sex. The mainstream media treats this issue as the biggest elephant in the travel room, perhaps because their own female executives partake in secret, or just because feminism has come to mean never criticising female actions.

I doubt that the bumster transaction is always cash on the barrelhead per hour, but then it is not always so for male sex tourists either. In many Asian, African and Latin American milieus the girl asks for no money upfront but is given a “present” in the morning, and the Gambian bumsters behave likewise. Their female clients are paying not for mere intercourse, but for cosseting, being treated like a princess and sexually validated; in other words they are just like most male clients. There may be the illusion of caring, but we can say the same thing about female prostitution as well. Finally, the bumsters may sometimes enjoy it, but then again so do female sex workers on occasion.

At first sight there is a difference, as the guidebook-writers warn the white women severely about marrying a charming bumster and taking him home, because all he wants, they say, is a visa; and there is thus a risk of their getting their hearts broken. On the other hand the same advice can be, and generally is, offered to male sex tourists in countries where the women know how to play adorable.

No, the true difference is this: these guidebook-writers explicitly state that if the Northern women just want hot sex with young and virile Gambian men, and do not risk their fragile hearts, then no harm will be done; they come close to saying, “You go, girl!” Addressing female prostitution in the Gambia, however, they wax suddenly censorious, telling prospective male sex tourists that they are unwanted and should stay away from “their” country.

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  1. Written by jimmyv
    on January 6, 2015 at 23:36

    Double standard

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