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The BBC once aired a documentary about an Australian gigolo. He wasn’t much to look at, but apparently had a titanium dick and the psychological skills of a top-notch courtesan. He made women feel good to be around him. One of his clients hired him for an hour, which became a day, which became the week, and in the end he set her back tens of thousands of dollars. The clients were typically in their forties, top-flight businesswomen, not terribly attractive but very horny; the gigolo was a rational solution to their problem of having a big sexual appetite but no time for all the messing-around involved in creating and maintaining a relationship. Especially as relationships do not always involve people who make you feel good to be around them.

Lest anyone still believe the propaganda about women being so spiritually superior as to be incapable of objectification and interested only in the Inner Qualities, the BBC was good enough to show us the work of the gigolo’s dispatcher, namely his wife (!), answering questions from potential clients. The answer to one of the Frequently Asked Questions was “eight and a half inches, uncut”.

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