Gigolo Joe’s Vital Services

The Kubrick-Spielberg film A.I. features Jude Law as “Gigolo Joe”, an android created to pleasure women. If robots can be built with “desires”, that is, programmed to experience some analogue of satisfaction when fulfilling their function, Joe would indeed feel the thirst to pleasure his partners that makes for a good courtesan of either sex. He certainly acts as if he does.

Had this film been made a few decades ago, the character would undoubtedly have been female. On the other hand, had Kubrick-Spielberg’s android been female, there would have been fierce protests against “romanticising” prostitution. Although a sex robot cannot feel “degraded” (unless programmed to do so), the bluenoses would have said that it encouraged men to seek uncommitted sex, proclaimed that women were sex machines, and so on and so forth.

Contrariwise, a few decades ago the notion that women could pay for emotion-free sex from a licensed expert would have been very controversial; and yet I am not aware of any female protests against the figure of Gigolo Joe on these grounds. This suggests that we may have arrived at the perfect reversal of the double standards of yesteryear, that prostitution is acceptable only when the woman is the buyer. After all, Gigolo Joe was presumably designed and produced because market research showed that the future women needed him, and God help anyone who opposes what women need. That would, after all, be Oppression.

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