The Shag Swag Scam

Xaviera Hollander’s mother told her never to accept money from any man except the one she married. That was a consistent ethic, marking a sharp distinction between the respectable woman and the prostitute that her daughter later chose to become. The equality feminists of the Sixties maintained a similar position, holding that a woman should always pay her own way and go Dutch with men. That was also a consistent ethic, emphasising the sexual independence that resulted from economic independence. Both those early feminists and Ms. Hollander Senior regarded it as a fact of life that a woman who allowed herself to be kept, or even just wined and dined by men, was under a moral obligation to make some kind of recompense; whereas she thought that the contract should be reserved for marriage, they thought that it should be avoided altogether.

The prostitute also has a consistent ethic: she accepts money from men all the time, and generally repays them in her own coin. How consistent, by contrast, is the notion now current, that empowerment means extracting as many benefits from men as a girl can, not by the provision of sex but by the implicit but mendacious promise of sex?

The early feminists were with Hollander mère in this prickly concern with not being financed by men who wanted sex with them, but then – sometime in the Eighties or Nineties – something happened, and it became all about the swag a girl could get from shaking her booty just out of reach. In our age, so much more “flexible” than hers, many women appear to think that they should be given the world on a plate in return for their mere decorative existence. Or rather, this is what they pretend to think; because they know or (as the lawyers say) ought to know that very few men are prepared to give women anything on a plate, much less the world, solely for the pleasure of beholding their beauty from afar. Whenever they do, it is generally because the men concerned are in deep denial about their own sexual desires. Everyone else is giving these women the world on a plate in the hope of getting into their pants; and so the women encourage the hope, accept the gifts, keep their pants on, and congratulate themselves for being more moral than the whore. In fact, of course, they are being a lot less moral than a whore, because they are adding scamming to whoredom.

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