Mixed Discos

A sex-tourist remarks on a board that “the local girls really party”. This is politically incorrect: he should have said that the local girls “are being sexually exploited”. And yet, had he but made that remark about the women of his own country, or about his female compatriots in the self-same beach resort, far fewer people would take exception. Really partying would then be an expression of female liberation, taking control of their own sexuality, yadda yadda. Although the native girls in the tropical disco are by and large financially desperate and the foreign girls at the same disco are by and large financially independent, it is an entirely arbitrary assumption that the local girls can do only one thing at once; that is, that they are only earning their living and not “partying” as well. What has happened here to the superstition that women are uniquely capable of multitasking?

It is more than probable that the resort disco will feature both tourist girls and native girls dancing to the same music, drinking the same cocktails and hoping to get well laid; they will have various copulatory thresholds in terms of attraction, inebriation and money, as does everybody. But if the tourist girls are banging young losers while too drunk to know the difference, and the native girls are banging middle-aged losers for money while sober, then who are actually the rational ones? Exploitation generally means giving something and getting nothing back, and that would seem to apply more to the tourist girls than the natives.

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