Billing The Customer

“Whores are the most honest girls”, claimed the Swiss surrealist sculptor Alberto Giacometti, “They present the bill right away.” For there is always a bill, whether financial, emotional, psychological, or whatever outré form the wit of woman can design. Respectable women despise whores because they take their reward on the spot, rather than subsequently and when the men least expect it. This makes the respectable strategy of taking the reward in the coin of unpleasantness that much the more difficult.

Presenting some sort of bill is not a sign that the woman did not enjoy the sex, or that she wishes us ill; it is a mere reflex of the autonomous nervous system. All women, therefore, exact a price for sex. The worst ones systematically destroy men’s lives in order to feel more important; the bad ones make men jump through ideological hoops for their fleeting reward; the good ones just take cash.

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