Assets And Liquidity

When people dogmatise about What Women Want, they make one unexamined assumption: that the hardwired female response to male beauty and the hardwired female response to male wealth are different, separate and exclusive. The assumption is that in the one case, a woman is obeying the demands of her body to copulate with the handsome man; whereas in the other case, she is obeying the demands of her finances to copulate with the wealthy man. But suppose that there is in fact no definite and universal separation between these two things, suppose that women can undergo, not only an intellectual but also a purely physiological response to wealth or power? The saying about power (and money) being the greatest aphrodisiac may thus be, not merely a metaphor intended to explain observed behaviour, but true in the most literal possible sense. That is, some women might get wet in the same way for a wealthy man as for a handsome man, and cannot themselves tell the difference. Among other things, this would explain what some people consider a myth and others know to be real, namely courtesans who enjoy their work.

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