The Lady And The Do-Gooder

UN guidelines to peacekeeping forces and humanitarian workers severely reprobate any sexual liaisons with the local population. In the Western Zones of 1945 Germany it was called “fraternisation” and was forbidden, with approximately the same effect. One hopes, therefore, that the UN guidelines do not mean that UN personnel should conceive of themselves as occupiers, mandated to keep their distance from an “inferior” subject people.

I have, however, seen a variant directive from some UN agency or other that says it is OK to sleep with the local women provided only that you don’t give them a present afterwards. In consequence, local women might find their encounter with the putative higher moral standards of their blue-helmeted saviours to be somewhat unsatisfactory. Just as we once gave the Polynesians the expression “the missionary position”, we may now be disrupting indigenous sexual cultures with our conviction that humanitarians outside of office hours must – by law – be tightwads.

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