A Linguistic Misunderstanding

The Sixties and Seventies, with their infinitely expanding economy, redistributionist social policies and idealised promiscuity, probably saw the proportion of women doing sex work reach an all time low. This epoch was therefore apt to misunderstand the moral discourse of an earlier age, when almost every woman was either already on the game or else terrified of being forced onto it. No one is harder on the prostitute than the woman clinging to her respectability by her fingernails. So when, in our dim and distant youth, we heard our elders refer to someone as No Better Than She Should Be, or read this phrase in a book, we assumed this to be a lemon-sucking condemnation of some free spirit; we thought it meant that they were complaining that she wore lipstick or slept over at her boyfriend’s. In fact it meant that she was selling it.

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