The Soup-Kitchen Effect

Public-payroll feminists who work “with” prostitutes from the outside – that is, without themselves being members of prostitutes’ trade unions – already know what master narratives they wish to hear. The standing temptation is therefore to listen to and reward the women who come to them as the bards of these narratives, and to ignore everyone else. The same applies to those journalists whose editors fancy themselves as sculptors rather than investigators of reality, namely most of them.

Working girls naturally loathe and detest the feminist fraction that intends to put them out of business, as any businesspeople would hate those who picket their workplaces and agitate to send their customers to jail. It necessarily follows that the only sex workers who would deal with the ideologues at all, let alone report to them and tell them what they wish to hear, are women who need something from them. Everyone else will take great care to remain invisible to everyone except potential customers. So the sample is extremely skewed from this point on.

Those validating the official paradigm will undoubtedly include women who really have been enslaved and trafficked, but escaped or been rescued in raids. Other women, who entered the profession of their own accord but are failing to make ends meet, might find it convenient to study the master narrative and imitate it, so as to receive attention and support.

A large number of East Europeans appear to have been deceived or even kidnapped, although the longer the business continues, the less likely it is that anyone with two brain cells to rub together, even in Moldova, will believe that they are actually going to be waitresses or childminders. No one ever seems to ask what the Ukrainian girl who has deliberately gone to Amsterdam in order to make a fast euro is going to tell her village when she is deported back there. Is she really going to tell them that she chose to go of her own free will? She knows that what she tells the police will filter back home. As for the African girls, they all know exactly what they are going to Europe to do – though they are grossly misled as to whether and how quickly they can work off their indenture – not least because nowadays they all have friends or relatives who are already there and doing it. But this is not necessarily what they tell anti-prostitution activists. Indentured labour (which is, incidentally, mostly how North America came to be populated with white people) is no fun at all, but debt-slavery is harder for tabloid readers to understand and less appealing in a shock-horror headline than whips and rattling chains.

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