Someone Must Go To Jail, But Who?

In the old days, the concept of “whore” referred to women who had sex with a lot of men, regardless of whether they got paid for it or not. The woman who slept with only one man for money was, after all, called “mistress” or even “wife”. However, the right of women to sleep with as many men as they want, as promulgated in the twentieth century, forced an end to the defining of whoredom in terms of number of men. It had instead to be defined in terms of the provision of sexual services for money instead; there is now no other way to stigmatise it, and for society not to stigmatise somebody or something on sexual grounds is unthinkable. That is more or less what a society is.

In jurisdictions where criminalisation of the customer alone has been enacted, any objectors are indignantly accused of wanting to return to the bad old days when the provider was persecuted but the customer was not. Although this is not formally advanced as an argument for the criminalisation of the purchase of sexual services, the reaction is so fierce, so automatic and so uncaring of whether the objector actually wants the selling of sexual services to be illegal or not, that it may safely be said that it is a very major part of the emotional basis. It seems to be a tit for tat: “Men went free when women were being harassed and prosecuted; tee hee, now it’s payback time!”

Alternatively, the criminalisers are incapable of imagining anyone holding the position that neither party to the transaction should be criminalised, prosecuted, harassed and persecuted; for their conceptual world begins and ends with stigmatisation. Someone has to be stigmatised and persecuted, and it had better bloody well not be the women, ergo it has to be the men. This tells us much more about the inside of such people’s heads, and thereby about the health of liberalism in the 21st century, than it tells us about the inside of brothels.

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