The Meaning Of “Is”

Scandinavian feminists claim that frequenting prostitutes is buying women’s bodies, and also that it is committing “violence” against women’s bodies. They ought, however, be asked the great Clintonian question of what the meaning of “is” is. Are we here dealing with the kind of “is” in “Beijing is the capital of China”, the kind of “is” in “every sperm is sacred”, or the kind of “is” in “The cheque is in the post”? It is clear that they want us to consider it the first kind; they want us to think that having sex for money is “committing violence” against a woman in the same inarguable way as shooting her in the head would be. If they are allowed to get away with this and take it global, we will shortly be hearing that a great number of things “are” something else in a way that is guaranteed both to surprise us and to create fresh public-sector jobs for them.

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