The Great Leftist Sacrament

Rock music now appears to be the universal currency of politics, religion, charity and shopping. It seems axiomatic that no message of any kind, whether “Vote for Me”, “Come to the Lord”, “Feed the Hungry” or “Buy My Stuff”, can be sold otherwise. One wonders what these four kinds of message have in common that they should best be conveyed with the aid of the same sounds. Perhaps it is not about the message itself, but the physiological fact that exposure to loud noise weakens higher brain function and thus lowers sales resistance.

The rock concert is the great leftist sacrament: the outward and visible sign of an inward and spiritual grace – namely personal, social and political transformations that are perceptible only to the eye of faith. It is particularly amusing when Green youngsters hold a window-rattling rock concert for their cause, as an enjoyable break from campaigning against noise pollution from Daddy’s car. If we can have rock against the Iraq war, why not eating hamburgers for Tibetan independence or playing computer games against AIDS?

Leftist youngsters now award themselves political credit for going to concerts to listen to a few endlessly repeated lines of subliterate “lyrics”, whereas their ancestors in the workers’ movement went to libraries to study history and political economy. If Marx were alive today, he might say that the iPod is the opium of the people.

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