Selling The Snake Oil Outside The Palace Gates

In these days when spare and collateral royals are being encouraged to occupy themselves in gainful employment as if they were commoners, it is well to remember why the device of the princely appanage was invented in the first place. The intention was precisely to keep princes out of the normal economy, to prevent them messing with business, where their royal status would cause, in the modern idiom, market distortions. In those days this meant market distortion relative to a market already distorted by the royal prerogative, but still, the ruler’s perspective was still to keep them out of mischief. It is interesting, however, to note how much of the gainful employment of young royals is nowadays done in public relations, modelling and outright charlatanship, as with a Norwegian princess and her “angel school”. In other words the apples do not fall far from the royal tree, seeing as how the mystique of kingship is an ancient scam.

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