Counterinsurgency Through Nookie

In the European Middle Ages, the restriction of marriage to the eldest son of the noble house naturally caused frustration in the younger sons. That these younger sons thereupon went a-crusading primarily to find lands and wives in the East is a cliché, and a matter of learnèd dispute. One scholar, probably Georges Duby, suggested that the effect closer to home would be either abduction of wives or theological rigorism. That sexual frustration in young men can produce violence and religious fanaticism may indeed be confirmed by a glance at the unemployable masses of Muslim youth today.

The solution is obvious. We have tried the male military crusade and it is not working out too well; so let our women instead make the pilgrimage to the Orient to tranquillise the jihadis. If the women then commute their vows, as did some crusaders, for equivalent service at home, all the better…

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