Those Poor, Poor Conservatives

In the Eighties, Reagan succeeded in stigmatising “liberal” as something so self-evidently awful that no proper American could stand up and admit to being one. Politics became primarily a competition in denying any trace of liberal contamination. In much the same way, opposition to the Bush Administration, and subsequently support for Obama, was treated in terms of the personality-disorder diagnosis of “anti-Americanism”.

Before this technique achieves the same success as the other, with former dissidents falling over one another to distance themselves from “anti-Americanism” by kissing the feet of the Princeps, it might be wise to take up the sword of memewar and begin to fight back. For instance, one might treat “conservative” in the same way, as being some kind of weird psychological disorder whose symptoms no self-respecting American would want to exhibit. It would have to be done in Reagan’s own manner, with no hint of screechiness, but rather with the air of a benevolent old uncle who is puzzled, frustrated and saddened that anyone could possibly be a conservative. How do they know it won’t work until they try it?

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