Hand Over Your Inventions!

The World Slaver Empire advances by means more subtle than military conquest or even economic domination. As the pace of American scientific innovation slows, because of pressure from the theocrats and the know-nothings, the necessary technical data must be acquired in other ways, such as distortion of the patent system. Many people are complaining about the ever-growing role of the patent trolls, pure rent-seekers like their bridge namesakes, who acquire patents for what they could never have invented and have no intention of producing, and then make their living by suing alleged infringers. Less well-known is the abuse of the American rules on pre-trial discovery to mount fishing expeditions in other countries, fishing expeditions that would not be permitted at home, seeking to compel foreign scientists to witness in American patent disputes. The technique involves Letters of Request for the coercive extraction of testimony that goes way beyond what is necessary for the adjudication in question, but which may prove very useful to the American competitors of those scientists’ companies. Now, some European countries have made reservations from the relevant international convention regarding such common-law discovery, but that does not help us much as long as the enforcing courts are still considering each case in isolation without perceiving the overall pattern.

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