The Martian And The Porn Movie

Let us imagine a Martian watching a movie scene set at an exclusive restaurant, at which the camera focuses on a woman enjoying a meal, and being danced attendance upon by half a dozen sycophantic male waiters. How would our Martian avoid the conclusion that she was the high-status animal and the men were there for her convenience?

And yet this is merely an equivalent to the commonest scenario in pornography, which (outside the specialist niches) shows us one woman being assiduously pleasured by up to several men at once. That is, if it be truly her pleasure to be fucked at one end while sucking various dicks at the other. The film may well be mistaken in this, but it is showing us what it believes she wants, a multiplicity of stimulation from many men. The face of the one doing the fucking we hardly ever see, and when we do glimpse him, we find him merely grimacing with effort; he pumps faithfully away, longer than any real man would be likely to, simply because the woman is portrayed as demanding this hard grind for her own enjoyment.

Never mind whether women truly want such a pounding or how often they get it in real life; never mind whether women truly want to have several men at once. These movies being made mostly for men, it follows that one of the things men most want to contemplate is an insatiable queen being humbly serviced by anonymous lackeys.

Domination porn that shows the woman being seriously pained is quite rare; the usual scenario is that she likes being bound, lightly punished and humiliated. That does not need to be a general truth about women; the point is that this is what the male viewer wants to see, namely a woman being (ultimately) pleasured by the BDSM gear. It is frequently shown that a woman gains most pleasure if she is compelled to receive it, if her initial withholding of her pleasure (from us and from herself) is overcome. This idea has in real life some seriously dangerous implications, but at the same time the premise is actually benevolent.

The least charitable interpretation is that the male audience desires to be reassured that seriously horny women exist; no doubt as an escape from the sort of women who will only see such a production, in fact all sex, in terms of women being treated as status inferiors. The most charitable interpretation is that men are fascinated by female pleasure and wish to cause as much of it as possible. When one woman is surrounded by many men, all of them doing their bit to make her writhe with ecstasy in the middle, we are looking at a fundamentally religious concept; we are looking at a temenos or sacred space.

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