Three Labels For The Same Trapdoor

There are three discourses that at first sight appear to be about the world, but are actually a pure zero-sum game of social hierarchy. Whoever tries to talk about the ostensive subject, has already lost. This is because the real purpose is for the player in the know to stigmatise the naïve individual who is trying to talk about the subject.

The three discourses are rigorist Christianity, Leninism and Feminism. The latter two, of course, are merely variants on the first. In the first discourse, the victory condition is to catch the opponent in heresy or even smear him with demonism; in the second, it is to identify the opponent with counter-revolution and paint him as an enemy of the people; in the third, it is to catch the opponent in or identify him by association with sexism, condescension and misogyny.

Now, this identification may at times be recherché, but is always governed by a set of rules, which it behoves one to master if one plans to open one’s mouth. The skilful player will use these rules to open up a trapdoor beneath his opponent’s feet, after which no more will be heard of him. This annihilation need not be done in anger; for in all three systems, the public destruction of the Other gives social prestige and advancement in the hierarchy, whether this be formal or informal. The skilful player gives no more thought to the humanity of the defeated than we do to the feelings of the sheep when we eat lamb chops; the rungs of this ladder are made out of human bones, and there is nothing more to be said.

It follows that it is a bad mistake for anyone who is interested in the ostensive object of the system – salvation, good works, communism, gender equality and so forth – to get involved in such discourses; because they are not going to be about anything other than “I win, you lose”.

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