I Am Winning, Ergo God Exists

How people actually reason about the big questions can be seen from the throwaway details of popular entertainment. When Ben, the leader of The Others in the TV show LOST, finds he has a tumour in his back and then immediately a plane breaks up over his little archipelago and drops a spinal surgeon into his lap, he concludes that “God exists”. That scores of people must die in order to bring Dr. Jack to him does not disturb this faith in the slightest. There is no sign that the scriptwriters make him think in this way because he was, at that time, the Chief Baddie; for his reasoning is not so different from that of Locke, the Man of Faith. For both of them, it was all about themselves.

When Shit fails to Happen to us, there must be a God, however much Shit has Happened and is continuing to Happen to other people. In 1945 Eva Braun confided to her diary that it was impossible any longer to believe in a God. But it was, apparently, quite possible for her to believe in a God when all was going well for her boyfriend and he was killing Slavic Untermenschen by the million.

I win the big prize in the lottery and exclaim: “There is a God!” If I am right about this, the losers will be equally right to conclude that there is no God. Now, since the losers in a lottery outnumber the big winners by millions to one, that is millions of votes to one that there is no God.

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