Et Debellare Subjectis

Despite the attempts of hired guns in journalism to make Christianity a religion of peace and Islam a religion of holy war, it is plain to thoughtful people that both religions are about both peace and war. The difference is not between the two religions, which growing from the same soil and attempting to answer the same questions have reinvented the same wheels, but between Christianity and Islam together contra a third thing, namely Hollywood. For both religions have the notion that one makes war only to make peace. That is a dangerous idea, but there is something more dangerous yet – the idea that one makes war to express an existential sense of superiority, or to “kick ass” as the blurb-writers say. The idea of magnanimity towards the conquered that is a part of both the Christian theology of the just war, and the classical law of jihad, is here turned on its head, so that all conflict must end with the total annihilation of anyone who annoys us, preferably in a massive explosion.

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