The Rumspringe

It is often assumed that the Amish must be a very repressive and unforgiving culture. In fact, the Amish youth is allowed his rumspringe, literally “running around”, between five and eight years of freedom to explore, during which he cannot be subjected to the adult sanction of Shunning. Most return to the community and then submit themselves to its discipline, presumably with full voluntary commitment. The contrast with the openly totalitarian aims of the homeschooler movement could not be greater.

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  1. Written by urban
    on November 5, 2011 at 17:07

    Yes, the contrast is bothy surprising and refreshing.

    I have been in several conversations recently about home schooling with adults who were home schooled for religious reasons. All complain about the socialization problems they encountered entering the mainstream as adolescents. None are now religious. Forbidden fruit is sweet.

    In stark contrast I have friends who are doing a magnificent job of home schooling their two children, motivated, not by a desire to restrict the information their children are exposed to, but by the low quality of the education that was available in local schools both public and private. They decided they could do better and they have, much better. I truly envy the education these kids are getting.

    And their socialization is also infinitely superior to the school-based age-cohort-coercion that de facto hands such important matters over to the marketers who care not a whit about the children. By one accounting my friends are exercising control, not unlike the Christian home-schoolers, but it is emphatically not totalitarian. These kids do have a strong peer group, but it is only part of a much large palette of social possibilities, as it should be.

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