A Common Heritage

Just as both sexes carry the genes for sex-specific organs, but generally unexpressed – so that we can truthfully say that a certain man has inherited his penis shape from his mother – so too do both sexes possess the neural organisation for behaviour that is typical of only the one sex. Whereas organs either develop during gestation or not, sex-specific behaviour can be triggered in the “wrong” sex by the right stimulus. Female mammals, for instance, have been observed making the movements of male copulation. I do not know whether this potentiality extends to the existence of a functional but usually latent neural organisation for rapist behaviour in human women, or if so what the trigger might be, but this is surely an empirical question and not one of gender-studies theology.

One member of the huge set of facts about the world that the politically correct invest a lot of energy in not knowing is that sexual abuse of boys is just as likely to be perpetrated by a woman as by a man. Half of all rapists were themselves abused as children, which surprises nobody; but a quarter of these future rapists were abused by their mothers. And these are possessed by an even greater rage than those who were abused by their fathers.

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