If God Had Given Us Shorter Arms…

Society’s contempt for male sexual losers is summed up in a single word of abuse, in Britain “wanker”. In the US, “jerk-off”, abbreviated to “jerk”. It suggests that the superior man never needs to masturbate, except perhaps on space voyages, because he has a constant supply of women eager to satisfy him. While it is of course true that the biologically inferior male (born short, weedy or clumsy) and the socially inferior male (brought up with a blind spot for the rules of the game) are indeed obliged to masturbate for most of their sexual release, true observations can nevertheless be dangerous. If a man honestly believes that by masturbating he is proclaiming himself to be a loser, then unless he is very rich he will probably act in such a way as to put women in general at physical and emotional risk. It follows from this that “wanker” is the last thing women should ever call the men they do not wish to sleep with; and civilised men who wish to combat rape should also cease and desist.

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