On Rape Fantasies

It has often been said that women frequently fantasise, and write stories, about forceful sex that is nearly, but not quite, rape. But this most definitely fails to constitute evidence for the brutish notion entertained by some men that “They all want to be raped really”. The reason why the fantasies are not rape is that the women are choosing to indulge the fantasy and are therefore consenting to the imagined sex, even if they are getting off on imagining that they are not consenting. Yes, it’s doublethink. The men fantasised about are also very superior male specimens; women do not fantasise about being forcefully taken by the likes of thee and me.

It sounds all rather complicated, and a fine line for them to walk inside their heads, but that is their affair and none of ours. However, the fact of the obvious erotic charge they get from being forcibly taken, within their fantasy or the pages of the book, raises the question of whether rape might be redefined as a forcible taking by any inferior male specimen. So how about a superior male specimen? Then it becomes, not rape but their erotic peak experience.

This is not a rapist’s charter, for there are several catches: first, a man does not know whether he is her superior male specimen unless he takes her forcibly, and then in almost all cases he will discover that he isn’t; second, a superior male specimen, charismatic enough to make his forceful taking into a peak sexual experience and not rape, would not need to do any forceful taking anyway, a glance would probably do the trick; and third, depending on the individual woman, real men of the required quality will range from extremely rare to utterly non-existent. That is to say, such superior men are largely products of feminine fantasy. The trouble starts when ordinary Joes gain access to these female fantasies and, like Raskolnikov, imagine that they belong to an elite to whom All Is Permitted.

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