Selection In Favour Of Bluff-Callers

There are two kinds of men: those who believe women when they claim to be Refined Ladies, and those who know that it is all an act, partly protective coloration and partly a filter. That is, the women are selecting the men for the ability to see through the bullshit.

Unfortunately, the fact that a woman automatically disqualifies all men who take her pretence of chastity and delicacy at face value does not mean that she wants everyone who has been around the block enough to call her bluff. No, that is a necessary but not a sufficient condition; it is merely the first round of the appointment process. But to make it even so far, you must be a man who is generally disinclined to believe protestations. You must be a man who knows that “They all want it really”; and so indeed they do – but not necessarily with you. When this subtle distinction is lost on a man, he becomes a rapist.

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