Against Nature, Fortune Cookies

“What the devil is the point of producing a horde of children, when they don’t grow up into human beings, but only produce more children again – when the raw material is not processed?”
Sigrid Undset

Those fond of beauty-pageant banalities often speak of “making the world a better place”. Ah yes, but for whom? The assignment is to pick a subsection of humanity, such as bimbos, rapists, or telemarketers, and explain how the world could be made a better place for these and what that would mean for the rest of us. Students are to write only on one side of the paper at once.

It is an article of faith among the kind of feminists who supported the war in Afghanistan in order to liberate the women re-enslaved by the American clients of the anti-Russian war. So that no one is allowed to observe that the whole point of niqab is an extreme measures against the competitive display of sexuality. Our question must then be Cui bono? Who gains from a veneration of no-holds-barred female sexual competition?

There are many twofold divisions of humanity, probably too many. But let us give a rose to a Cordoban Muslim of the eleventh century, whose division was into those people concerned with learning and science, and those not.

In the old days, Sea Dyak women coupled only with men of proven bravery, that is. A male Sea Dyak, therefore, was obliged to be a successful headhunter in order to get laid. Now tell us again how men are the wicked agents and women only the passive acted-upon, responsible for none of the world’s evils.

Consciousness is an epiphenomenon of fitness displays.

Eugenics is the attempt to do collectively through science what we do individually by instinct.

Being “part of nature” is not necessarily ecological. The Japanese say that man is a part of nature so everything man builds is a part of nature too.

Can crop circles be interstellar corporate logos?

People are emergent properties of bacteria.

Grief is in most cases a physiological response to the failure of a fitness strategy.

Why can’t we save the world? Because it won’t fit on the hard drive.

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    Duly stolen. Thanks, Hugo!

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