The Confucian Scam

Asian immigrants complain about the “granny-dumping” allegedly so prevalent in the West. The assumption is that this is entirely due to the greater individualism and thereby egotism of our culture. There is doubtless much to be said for such an aetiology, and we might add that worship of youth and disrespect for age is a symptom of the essentially militaristic nature of Western civilisation.

On the other hand, the assumption that Granny can only be a passive victim of her children’s action is profoundly condescending; might it be that Asian grannies behave in a way that is less calculated to get them dumped? What is needed, therefore, is a comparative study of the behaviour of Occidental and Oriental grandparents. Might it perchance be that the dumped Occidental grannies failed to play any supportive role in the lives of their adult children, but merely complained about and berated them, in the great tradition of “I kvetch, therefore I am2? Did they treat their children in such a way that the only sentiments they now evoke are distaste and resentment?

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  1. Written by Mr Fnortner
    on August 15, 2011 at 12:56

    Of course, be nice to your children–they’ll choose your nursing home.

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