The Time-Lagged

There is a phenomenon that many people may have experienced without having consciously noticed it, or perhaps been subliminally disturbed by without being able to put words to: namely the way some Christians seem to be constructed with a time-delay, so that when you say something to them, the answer seems oddly belated. It is as if they are doing something else in the meantime; which indeed they are. Some may be mentally searching for Biblical verses so that they can string them together into what passes with them for conversation. Others are playacting “dumbstruck by your heathen depravity” and needing time to struggle back to the present moment from the melancholy reflections so occasioned. Fundamentalists will be terrified of being a Bad Witness, that is, giving you a poor impression of their religion, which will get them into trouble with the eldership, and so they need the extra time anxiously to check and double-check everything they say and do. In addition, charismatics will be praying in Tongues for your salvation, which is hard to do when listening to what you are actually saying.

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