Facing Up And Trying Again

I am given to understand that the Wiccans believe in an afterlife accounting for one’s deeds, with absolutely no way out of it for anyone. Such a belief is only tolerable when combined with reincarnation, so that one may expect to be given a severe wigging and be sent back to try again; and that is what Wiccans also believe. In contrast, the belief in an eternal Hell is only psychologically possible when combined with either a truly insane degree of self-satisfaction, or a way out of it. The latter being the apparatus of priests and sacraments.

Like Wiccans, Catholics are taught to think of sin as being highly specific acts and thoughts. For Protestants, however, sin is more existential; they are sinners by nature, but have been justified by faith. This allows them not to think too hard about their specific sins. If you really want to annoy a puritan, therefore, you can ask them: “Are you a sinner?” They will almost invariably answer, “Yes, of course.” You then ask, “What kind of sinner?”, enjoy the expression on their faces, and run for your life.

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