The Jesus Dynasty

The main business of the book The Da Vinci Code and its original inspiration, The Holy Blood and The Holy Grail was to claim that Jesus of Nazareth sired children, and that his lineage continues today. This suggestion was so shocking to believers that the subsequent brouhaha concentrated on the alleged evidence; as far as I know, no one asked the question, “If this were to be true, why on earth should we care?”

For consider: the Prophet Mohammed had just one child who survived to adulthood, namely Fatima, and she had two sons, Hussein and Hassan. Every Muslim descended from these two gentlemen is titled Sayyid or Sharif, may wear the black turban and receives a lifetime stipend. After nearly 14 centuries, some say there are well over 100 million of them, others say all of us count. With a six-century head start, any progeny of Jesus and Mary Magdalene would surely number far more than this; and yet again more if the original couple had several children to Mohammed’s one. It is not improbable that all of us would have the blood of Jesus in our veins. And what then? Would that make us all Sons and Daughters of God? Would we all have to go round neither dividing our substance nor confounding our persons?

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  1. Written by Mr Fnortner
    on July 19, 2011 at 16:12

    You must mean male Muslims. In any case, if each generation averages, say, 25 years and each generation produces 1 3/8 heirs, then after 1,400 years these two gentlemen would have just over 111 million heirs. Extending this math would bring us to nearly 10 billion heirs in another 350 years, and 1 trillion heirs in just 700 years. Somewhere along the way, every last inhabitant of the planet would be an heir of Mohammed. Since Jesus had a 600 year head start on Mohammed, if he had only one son his heirs should number about 116 billion. That makes us all descendants of Jesus 17 times over, today. Just thinking of it gives me the willies. I’m feeling very magical all of a sudden. I think I’ll go change a law of physics for someone.

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