A Hundred NFL Games For The Bishop

The Heike Monogatori describes how the mother of the Regent, who had offended a god and was dying, “publicly vowed to present the shrine with a hundred lawn field music performances, a hundred procession riders, a hundred horse races, a hundred mounted archery contests, a hundred wrestling matches, a hundred expositions of the Benevolent King Sutra, a hundred expositions of the Healing Buddha Sutra, a hundred sixteen-inch images of the Healing Buddha Yakushi, one lifesize image of Yakushi, and images of Sakyamuni and Amitabha.” The second half of her vow concerns things with which priests and monks ought to be concerned, but the first half suggests that, unless it was all about charging the public for admission, the shrine personnel had a serious jones for sport and spectacle. In later centuries, the Catholics may have made their early inroads because they came a lot cheaper.

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