Brown Crackers

Many Europeans are currently exercised about unappealing behaviour in their immigrant communities: female genital mutilation, honour killings and suchlike. Most of the debate revolves around ethnicity and religion, equating Islam with all sorts of bad things. The offensive behaviour is not, however, a consequence of the mere fact that the immigrants are Muslim, but to a much greater extent a consequence of the fact that many Muslim immigrants to the big European cities are ignorant hicks. Educated Muslim people in their own countries of origin would be the first to call them that.

Now, rich and educated Muslims go to the USA if they can, which means that “Eurabia” consists mainly of the migrants who could not afford to, or who could not get in. Now, ignorant white hicks have different and by no means more endearing habits, but there is no politically correct defence of their “culture” or lack thereof and probably never will be. If you are an ignorant brown cracker, however, all your dysfunctional doings may be dignified by the name of your “culture”, and you may sit back to watch the progressives fighting among themselves over how much it is to be respected, and losing ground to the white xenophobes in consequence.

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