Stereotypes And Killer Chicks

A journalist complains about all the “pornified” pop stars we have now as being “politically incorrect gender stereotypes”, and disapprovingly contrasts them with the ‘active, assertive and aggressive women we find in Kill Bill, Thelma and Louise, Baise-Moi, Tomb Raider, Mr. and Mrs. Smith etc. Now, how many of us have actually met a gorgeous acrobatic adventuress with half a dozen weapons disposed around her perfect body (and mysteriously failing to chafe her perfect skin)? And in what way are Killer Chicks not themselves “gender stereotypes”?

If this journalist were, in real life, to encounter any of the “active, assertive and aggressive” women from any of these films, we would wish upon him or her the homicidal nihilists of Baise-Moi; their “active, assertive and aggressive” pleasures might usefully be combined with the reduction of the total amount of bullshit in the world.

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