Where Did All The Airheads Go?

One of the differences between the modern feminist and her suffragette, bluestocking foremother is that the latter knew perfectly well that airhead females existed but despised them, whereas the former believes that airhead females are either a stereotype confined to the male imagination or else a regrettable mentality wickedly imposed on would-be independent and intellectual women by patriarchy. The latter propositions cannot both be true, of course, but never mind.

Many people complain bitterly about fictional portrayals or anecdotal descriptions of women who have nothing to offer a man except sex. They call this a malicious stereotype. But, as the old bluestockings were well aware, there really are vast numbers of women in the world who have been trained from childhood to believe that they have nothing to offer a man except sex. Of these, many have been short-changed by their parents or milieu and told that they had nothing else to offer. As long as they believe this, however, their untapped potential is mere theory; they will still act as if they have nothing to offer a man except sex. There are also many women who are all too correct in this belief; one may protest all one wishes, but not even the most intrusive investigation into some individuals is able to discover any mental activity beyond a set of sexual-bargaining algorithms. These days, it seems that bimbo is a major lifestyle or even career choice.

The old bluestockings would have said that airheadery was and always would be the easier choice, the path of least resistance: becoming the first female pilot to fly the Atlantic was a lot harder. The reason why so many women become bimbos rather than engineers, therefore, is not entirely about the wickedness of male oppression, via for example the modern sex-fixated media; there is also an individual element, namely laziness.

Now, no one finds it hard to believe, much less condemns it as offensive misandry, that many men are trained from childhood to hit anyone that annoys them, or anyone they are told to hit, that they have nothing in their heads except a set of hitting-people algorithms, and that they are content to be that way. Why, then, are we unable to believe in another class of people who have nothing in their heads but a set of booty-shaking algorithms, and who are entirely content to be that way? It is probably because this tells us something about human nature that earnest intellectuals do not want to know.

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