String Them Up!

The response to a beautiful person who wants love and sex is sympathy, to varying degrees depending upon licitness and consequence. But the response to an ugly person who wants love and sex is disgust and indignation. So fierce can this reaction be, that one wonders if people feel in some way threatened by these desires on the part of the uglies, and if so how. It is somewhat reminiscent of the way that Southern blacks used to be condemned as “uppity” for what in whites would be normal utility-maximising behaviour.

Some unattractive men obtain so-called “mail-order brides” from economically or culturally straitened circumstances. This is a misleading term, since in most cases the men have already met both the ladies and indeed their families. There can be benefit to both parties in such an arrangement, and mutual benefit was what marriage used to be about, before the fad for Romance set in. One might think, therefore, that the only criterion was whether both parties give fair value in return. Notoriously some men do not, being chauvinist pigs in search of a sexual and/or domestic slave; but it is too often assumed that all husbands fall into this category. Cui bono this assumption? The native women of the importing country, of course.

Such a husband may have to pay for his domestic bliss by being branded a pervert, a paedophile or a trafficker; while the mail-order bride will be called a whore – she may in fact be an ex-prostitute, but what of it? – and will be assumed to be a submissive slave without a thought of her own. I have heard of a couple, a genuine love-match, whom hate campaigns forced to move town several times. This was, rather appropriately, in the country of Henrik Ibsen.

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