Sex, Love And The Uglies

When people want to unite sex and love more closely than they are found in nature, they say high-minded things like “sex is the chief expression of love”. Love, they say, is an affair of the soul, it is spiritual and transcendent, whatever that is supposed to mean. If that is so, however, why is it the case that this spiritual and transcendent good is very difficult to obtain without being sexually attractive? If this doctrine is true, and yet nobody wants to have sex with the unattractive, this cannot mean anything else other that nobody has any love for these creatures either. Indeed, the unattractive know that people can in fact love them – provided only that it is the kind of love that doesn’t involve sex. So perhaps sex and love are two quite different things after all?

I know a man who wondered all the time whether he would love the woman whom he adored (from afar) as much if she were less beautiful. Only a certified Ugly, however, would ever have formulated the question in the first place, because only an Ugly is so acutely aware of the disjunction between outward appearance and what happens next.

The true function of the mythology that sexual love is a response to the Inner Person is to set the Uglies up for even crueller disillusion. This, of course, serves them right for polluting the visual environment in the first place.

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