Good Children “Cooperate”

There was once a time when parents, or at any rate fathers, thought of child-rearing mostly along the dimension of the strong, vigorous individual versus the weakling. Too often this meant tormenting the artist or bookworm in a vain attempt to make him the sort of muscular, hardy, self-confident idiot required to run the Empire. The question is now whether we are now in danger of committing the opposite error; this is often described in terms of “feminisation”. Our female-dominated educational systems and their expert authorities are determined, it is said, to inculcate “cooperation” at all costs.

Up to a point this is right and proper, since we are, among other things, a cooperative species. Particularly because we now have so many only-children, and so many over-indulged children, this kind of socialisation does indeed require to be done at school, since it is certainly not being done at home.

But we would do even better to remember that “cooperation” is also the watchword of the bully, the psychopath and the dictator, for whom “cooperation” means doing just whatever he says. There is consequently the danger that cooperation-centric education will serve to deliver children into the hands of those of their fellows who are skilled at conning the adults that their own agendas add up to peace, quiet, and social harmony. Cooperation in the victim is always greatly esteemed by the predator. Can adults detect when a child is refusing to “cooperate” in the sacred Group because he is an egotistic nuisance, and when he is resisting subtle domination by group manipulators in the name of his personal integrity?

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