Turning Your Child’s Other Cheek

The doctrine of “turning the other cheek” may be a valid choice for an adult who, of his own free will and conviction, opts out of our status hierarchy and self-assertion games; but that as something taught to children it is downright wrong and evil. He who truly loves his child will teach it the true Lex talionis – an eye for an eye, but no more. Compelling your own child not to retaliate for misdeeds suffered helps to deprive the other child of essential socialisation. Rather than learning what it feels like to be the victim of its own actions, that other child will learn only that its misdeeds carry no penalty. You are, therefore, not only corrupting that other child, but using your own child as a means to do so; your own child is not a Thou to you, but merely an It to be laid, bound and gagged, on the altar of your ridiculous gentility. And so your child will draw – from the fact of your making it face a hostile world with its hands tied behind its back, the only known animal that cannot defend itself – the not unreasonable conclusion that you do not love it. The only way it can handle such a situation is to parrot your smug utterances about being a superior sort of person who doesn’t fight, and thus become not only insecure and miserable but an obnoxious prig.

Posted on September 13, 2010 at 09:43 by Hugo Grinebiter · Permalink

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