The Kids’ Place In The Food Chain

People have written extensively on the human shame at being engendered and then coming into the world in such an undignified and messy fashion. If we are to feel ashamed at this, however, it would only be reasonable for us to be embarrassed also at what we then have to do in order to stay alive: namely, to prey on our fellows. Children born into poverty and forced to scavenge and rob from an early age have a profound understanding of the human food chain, they know that we are all (in the Cuban term) jitneros, riders upon one another’s backs, and that the only question is whether I ride you or you ride me. Once you become safe and prosperous, however, and most particularly when you distance yourself from the real sources of your income and become some sort of rentier or state servant, then comes the child-rearing equivalent of being too refined to fart; your kittens may practice self-defence but your children may not.

Posted on September 12, 2010 at 11:44 by Hugo Grinebiter · Permalink

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