The Cheshire Blamer

It is a grave error to believe that habitual or devoted blamers blame only because there is something to be blamed. Such people blame because they gain their emotional satisfactions therefrom, and the more catholically they blame, the more manifold their emotional satisfactions. For example, the pleasure to be derived from blaming your husband is nothing to the pleasures of blaming the entire race of men, and if you can learn to blame whole societies – under the psychodynamically related magic rubrics of Patriarchy or the ZOG – why then, so much the better for you. This kind of blaming is in probability something you learned at your same-sex parent’s knee: for just as little boys learn drinking, swearing, competitive farting and wife-beating, their little sisters learn refinement, priggishness, prodnosing and the hierarchy of moral disdain. After you have learned and practised it all your life, blaming becomes the central principle of your being, so that when you die, there will remain a disembodied Blame floating over the spot for decades before dispersing.

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