Like, Whatever, Cool Spaceship

Aliens come to Earth in 1959 and visit American suburbia – that is, we parody the centrality of that suburbia in both Hollywood and much pulp SF. The aliens then draw the not unreasonable conclusion that women are some sort of non-sentient domestic symbiote. So far, so Stepford Wives; but they pay a return visit in 2009, sparking Lem-style academic debates among Terranologists about whether modern professional women are descendants of the domestic symbiotes of 1959 or an entirely separate species, and about whether reality-TV contestants and fashionistas are sentient.

Variant of this: The alien meets with a 17-year-old girl who knows nothing but street cred and fashion. And/or her male classmate who knows nothing but street cred and skateboarding. The Terranological debate is whether they should be classified as non-sentient, or as an aristocracy supported by the sterile worker drones they refer to as “nerds”.

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