Don’t Blame ME!

Philosophers have sought to understand the world, and Marxists to change it; the point, however, is to blame someone else for it.

What is the threefold recipe for creating a professional victim who never does anything wrong? First, take an individual with an infantile sense of entitlement, so that any reverse, loss, inconvenience or the general Happening of Shit intrinsic to life on earth causes indignation and the illusion of a personally targeted oppression; second, add the conviction that this outrage to her guaranteed welfare and happiness must immediately be punished, not by her own efforts but by appealing to Authority to take punitive action; and thirdly, give her a terminal case of the Dispositional Attribution syndrome, whereby she sees herself as merely responding to the situation in which the bad guys have placed her, but is wholly unable to comprehend how the other parties may equally well be responding to the situation in which she has placed them.

The joy of martyrdom – which includes martyrdom to constantly taken Offence – consists simply in this: that by making yourself into nothing but the object of others’ wicked actions, you do not have to consider yourself as a subject; that is, you do not have to appraise your own actions.

The Predatory Explainer “mines” other people for self-justifying excuses. She therefore repels anyone who can clearly see what she is doing; but by the very nature of her calling she is unable to comprehend why. Any refusal to recognise her inherent righteousness therefore becomes a fresh source of Offence, stimulating a fresh outburst of pseudo-intellectual bullshit. Since the Predatory Explainer is thus immune from any opinions that do not provide her with her narcissistic supply, this vicious circle cannot be broken.

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