Brienne Of Tarth

There is an unusually well-written cod-medieval fantasy series in which one of the characters is a big, strong and ugly woman, who responds to that predicament by becoming a warrior. Not only do most of the men refuse to accept her in that role, but they also never tire of commenting on how repulsive she is. In the real Middle Ages there were such things as female knights; in fact men are actually quite good at accepting female soldiers as “honorary men”, provided only that they act like it. For a prospective female soldier, the dealbreaker is not being tough and masculine and ugly, but rather the reverse, the bringing of feminine coquetry or sentiment into the team-mate relationship where it does not belong. The horrible fuss continually being made over the face and figure of George R.R. Martin’s fictional warrior is not, therefore, really about females daring to be in the military, but rather about Uglies daring to be on the planet at all.

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