The Unendurable Lightness Of Hollywood

The unattractive shake their heads over all the purple prose about “the body making music” and so forth. What sort of music does the body make in unrequited love? The same sort of sound as the one hand clapping, perhaps.

From the point of view of the unattractive man, there are far too many books and films written about men who can tip practically any woman into bed – quite possibly by men who can’t themselves, but are living out their fantasies. For example, I gather that there are Hollywood comedies whose plots revolve around a young man who, in order to win some prize or other, has to abstain from sex for a few weeks, and then around how frightful a hardship this is: both because he is accustomed to getting a girl into bed several times a week, and also because the women are all over him so that he stands to lose the bet or whatever. While some men may enjoy identifying themselves with these great seducers or chick magnets, it may be that an equal number are merely depressed by them. Moreover, our envy of the men who can get anyone they want into bed may be balanced by our despair at the appalling qualities of character required. Mutatis mutandis, some women may be equally discouraged by female fantasies of perfect men.

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