Please Help Me To Stop Denying!

Many are the voices exhorting us to “live out” or “accept” our sexuality, our masculinity, or our femininity. It is not easy, however, to “accept our sexuality” when no one else does, and to what extent other people accept our sexuality depends very much on what we look like. Similarly, “living out our sexuality” generally involves the assistance of other human beings, which for attractive individuals is often quite readily forthcoming. That leaves a remainder who are unable to “live out their sexuality”, either because their requirements are too bizarre, or their persons are insufficiently attractive. There is nothing to be done about this, other than to wish that people would be a little more compassionate in their exhortations.

Some blessed souls venture to criticise those who are not having lots of sex for “denial of life”. But are the chaste ones denying life for themselves or having it denied for them by others? Similarly, those who are not fortunate enough to be attractive are sometimes accused of repressing their sexuality; well, if you can’t have something anyway, then pretending to yourself that you don’t want it is not too bad a strategy.

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