The Divine Sword

I no longer remember where, but I once encountered the dictum that women see themselves as “divine swords against all traitors to Beauty”. Schopenhauer taught us that whenever a wife has a child with someone other than her husband, she is serving the interests of the species. Her instincts drive her to breed from the superior specimen. She was, he thought, quite unconscious of this her necessary role; but the above dictum about the sword implies a much greater awareness.

Women do well to be careful how they express their ferocious disdain of the inferior male specimen, a disdain that in all probability they feel and know that they feel. Why? Because it runs counter to the medieval belief that women are kinder than men, in which the Church staked out the claims to moral superiority still being heard a thousand years later. Euripides’ Pentheus would not have felt much of that kindness; and a contrarian female fantasy writer has shown us a cult of the Goddess as based on human sacrifice.

Any cult that sacrificed the biologically inferior in the sacred grove would of course be doing the race a favour. While they are at it, the worshippers should ritually cut the throats of all male geeks, for daring to be interested in something outside themselves and their roles as genetic assay devices and status points in the female hierarchy.

(Fiddle date-stamp to 18 October 2010)

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